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This rugged, mostly undeveloped park a little west of Woodside is perfect for an Autumn heatwave.  The trails are shady and wide enough for jog strollers, and the slopes are not too extreme.  We were a little short for time on this visit and so just did the short loop that leaves from the car park and threads over the hill and back to the equestrian arena.  The Monkey and his chums loved the hike and walked the whole way: they looked for horse poop, sticks and stones, and examined all the drainage pipes along the way.

Look Mom! Horse Poop!

The Folger Stables, located just near the car park, are an added bonus.  They are spectacular, luxurious, circa-1900 stables, have been beautifully restored and were even recently listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The horses there live better than I do. It’s certainly worth nosing around: the kids love checking out the horses (all have their names on their stalls) and the adults can marvel at the extravagance.

Toilets in the car park – but no other amenities.


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