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We were lucky last weekend that a negative tide occurred on a gloriously sunny afternoon and fit in perfectly with the PuppyDog’s naptime.  The shore at the Reserve is always beautiful but on a negative tide day, when the sea goes out especially far, the rocks and tidepools are revealed and accessible from the beach and it becomes an irresistable destination for small people.  The boys both had a wonderful time clambering around on the rocks and checking out the marine life in the pools.

Surf, tidepools, and harbor seals

The PuppyDog flouting Reserve rules

Before we went down to the beach, we stopped off at the visitors centre to pick up a guide to the tidepool creatures on the beach. The Monkey loved identifying all the animals he found. He especially loved the giant starfish and sea anemones.

"It's a sea enemy Mommy!"

It was a great toddler day out — just make sure to being several changes of clothes and either water sandals or wellington boots if you plan to go down for the next low tide.


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We’ve only recently discovered this little gem in Cupertino, but it’s quickly become a favorite with the boys.

The boys on the trail

There are wonderful fallen trees to climb on and jump off:

A Puppy Dog in a tree

Nothing improves a hike like things to jump off

A numbered nature trail to follow:

Mom, there are numbers in the woods!

and a creek to throw stones in (complete with handy natural barrier to prevent soggy children).

Hmm..now how can I get into the water?

What’s so lovely about this little park is how wild it feels even though it’s small and surrounded by suburbia. And how empty – we’ve never seen other hikers there on any visit. McClellan Ranch is also beautifully maintained and it warms my heart that it’s treasured so much by the locals that there is never any trash to be found.  A perfect toddler trek destination on a sunny afternoon.

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