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As an Englishwoman and an historian it was with some trepidation that I attended Ardenwood Farm’s Tartan Day, for such US events are often historically inaccurate and offensively anti-English.  And indeed it was both: there was the usual concentration of interest in three Scots eras–Picts, Mary Queen of Scots, and Bonnie Prince Charlie–all heavily romanticized, and a fair bit of nonsense about those evil men and women south of the border. But it was also jolly good fun.  Scots-Americans from all over the area met up with their clans to celebrate their shared, distant heritage.  There were bagpipe bands and highland games and some pretty good British fish and chips.  Several Mary Queen of Scots wandered around amongst highland warriors and Pictish encampments, while visitors could browse the stores, inspect weaponry or try their hand at shinty.

The first Mary Queen of Scots of the morning


Nice swords.


I was only partly tempted to set up a stall selling The Invention of Tradition at next year’s event…..

and if one had enough of all things Scots, there were always animals to pet, historic trains to ride and tractors to inspect.

Few things can compete with a John Deere

A fun day out in the sunshine with lots for little ones to see and do.



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