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The Redwood Grove Nature Preserve in Los Altos is one of my boys’ favorite local spots.  This hidden gem lies just off University Avenue a hundred feet south of better known Shoup Park.  There are no big signs, and no designated parking.  You just find a spot on University and head down the paved road into the forest.

At the bottom of the road you enter the speckled light of a beautiful old redwood grove.  There is a wide boardwalk trail winding through the trees and along Adobe Creek which is easy to navigate with kids and strollers.  My toddlers love running along this boardwalk, and I can relax and let them explore safe in the knowledge that no cars or bikes will come whizzing past.  At places you can climb down off the trail and play in the creek (although it does dry up completely towards the end of summer) and there’s plenty of opportunity for wildlife spotting. The Monkey has become quite adept at finding and pointing out every banana slug in the grove. We usually take a bucket along for collecting leaves and sticks as there is so much for the boys to notice.

Where's the water?

At one side of the boardwalk there is a grassy area complete with picnic tables and hay bales to climb on which makes an excellent snack stop, and from there you can also head up the short hillside track and check out the old, dis-used animal cages and vegetable garden.

Look at Me Mom! (He was three hay bales high)

There’s plenty to keep busy little ones happy, and there is something magical about the place.  It’s so quiet and secluded that it’s hard to imagine you’re in the heart of Silicon Valley.  In fact, each time we’ve been, our group has been the only people there. I think it’s Los Altos’ best kept secret.  We intend to keep going back all winter to watch how the forest and creek change throughout the winter season and to enjoy as much peace and seclusion as one can with two toddling companions.


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