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Today we checked out the two replica eighteenth-century tall ships, the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain, that are currently moored in the Port of Redwood City.  It was a pretty impressive sight which the kids enjoyed more than I’d expected.  I was also surprised by how fun the port was for little ones to explore.  There’s a trail along the water front from where kids can look into the water, watch the ducks and geese, and enjoy the many sail boats out in the Bay.  The Monkey had many questions about how sail boats worked and why all the boats looked so different. It was a new experience for him. The Puppy Dog really enjoyed chasing the ducks. We’ll no doubt come again on a windy day and bring a picnic lunch. As long as you’re happy to have your little ones near water, the port makes for an interesting outing.

Boat watching

Big ship, little guy


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