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Our search for the perfect local beach continues. This time we tried Bean Hollow State Beach.  This is a gorgeous, rugged little cove a couple of miles south of Pescadero.  It has a number of good points: it’s usually empty, has beautiful, golden sand, has lots of shells and rocks to examine, and there are rocks to scramble across and tidepools to explore (which only disappear at high tide I’m informed).  Furthermore, there’s no parking charge at this beach. On the negative side, it’s very exposed and wind-swept.  Another factor to bear in mind, which you may or may not like, it’s one of the few beaches that allows dogs and, while they are meant to be on a leash, the rule is not observed.

Rugged beauty

We plan to visit again: there was lots for the kids to do and we enjoyed the solitude.


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This weekend we decided to check out a new local beach. Although we’d been warned it’s often a little wind-swept, we settled on Pescadero.  It was such a hot day that we figured a little wind would be ok.  And we were pleasantly surprised.  Although it was a little breezy, the sun shone and the boys happily cavorted in their new swim suits while we took turns to nap on the beach.  I think it turned out to be a good choice for a hot weekend: while the other nearby beaches (esp San Gregorio) were packed, Pescadero remained relatively empty with only a few families sharing the sand.  I recommend heading right out of the car park down the smaller trail to the little beach if you want solitude– the other side of the bluff did get busier.


Pescadero itself is a beautiful sandy beach with enough shells, sticks and stones to keep preschool collectors happy.  There are also rocks to scramble over and a few tide pools at low tide.  The surf is pretty dangerous, however.  I wouldn’t let small kids swim (it was too cold anyway!) and I kept a very close eye on the boys when they were paddling in the shallows.  There is something quite idyllic though about the electric blue sky, the giant green surf and the empty golden sand at Pescadero.

Fetching water

Driftwood driving levers

I should also note that we saw lots of ‘sand fleas’ on the beach.  They didn’t bother us at all, but I think they can sometimes give a painful bite.

Facilities in the car park are limited: only one uni-sex porta potty (pretty gross even by state park standards) and a couple of picnic tables (which means no large family gatherings with booming sound systems) .  $6 day use fee – remember to bring change.

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