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I was fascinated by a recent report that suggested sugar is about as toxic to our bodies as alcohol and that we eat far, far too much of it.  You can find a good summary of the report here (the actual report is behind a subscription wall).  Now I know this has been a little controversial but its basic arguments, that too much sugar is unhealthy and that sugar is addictive, do seem to be substantiated by the evidence.  I also know that I am a terrible sugar addict with out-of-control cravings for mint aeros and jam.

Inspired by the report (and by the hope that a sugarless diet will shift that last bit of second-baby-fat), my husband and I have decided to do a ‘no sugar month challenge’ and March is the month. As of tomorrow, we are both going to try to exclude any items with added sugar from our diets. (Foods with naturally occurring sugars – fruits–are permissible).  He feels he can do it. We both feel I will last about three days.  We shall see.  Declaring the challenge to the world is my way of seeking accountability in the hope I may make it to five days.

And what a good example we would set our kids right?

Would love companions in the journey……


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