Hidden Villa is holding its annual sheep shearing event on the 6th April.

You can sign up here.  Note – it usually sells out….



The pond at Picchetti Open Space Preserve has water in it this year (unlike last winter) and lots of California Newts. Our kids loved it. The pond is just a short walk from the parking lot and worth checking out.

the great California Newt in all its glory

the great California Newt in all its glory



After this winter’s rain, Lake Lagunita on Stanford campus has water in it. Well, just a bit of water. More a puddle than a lake. But it is sufficient water for the frogs to congregate and breed and now is the perfect time to head down there to look for tadpoles.


Little Lake Lagunita

It’s a bit boggy, but you could take a jog stroller to the water’s edge.  Also consider taking a small bucket to scoop up some tadpoles for a closer look. And think about some wellington boots too even if it’s sunny.


The Monkey on the hunt

We’ll be going back in a few weeks to see how the tadpoles have grown.

We’re Back

Apologies for the blogging hiatus.  But after a difficult pregnancy which curtailed our adventures, we’ve been joined by a little girl (The Bug) and are ready to hit the trails once again.

All Weekend

It’s the annual harvest festival at Roaring Camp Railroads, Felton. Here’s the info.

It’s the Ardenwood Farm Harvest Celebration this weekend. This is lots of fun but gets super busy. I strongly recommend getting there first thing. Here’s the flyer.

You can enjoy the annual Cupertino Carnival this weekend. Find the event details here.

Saturday 13th October

There are pumpkins in the park in San Jose. More details here.

Check out the free science and aviation day this weekend, also in San Jose. You can find the website here.

For all those horse-mad kids, it’s the Day of the Horse Event up in Woodside this weekend. See here for details.

Want a break from all things Halloween? Go bird watching in the morning at Bedwell Bayfront Park, 10.30am-12.30pm. See here for more information.

October is always so beautiful at the shore here that we decided to make the most of the glorious weather and to head out on a coastal walk.  We picked the Old Cove Landing Trail at Wilder Ranch State Park as we’d heard it was spectacular when the skies are clear. Well, it was spectacular and we enjoyed amazing views of the rugged cliffs, sea caves and sealife. It was also spectacularly easy: just under 3 miles and entirely flat. But best of all, we were able to clamber down to the sand at Old Landing Cove itself and to enjoy an entirely secluded and empty (well, apart from the seals) beach.  A perfect hike for preschoolers.

walking the coast

can you spot the seal colony?

a beach of our own

cave exploration




Usually we go to Lemos Farm for our annual Halloween visit on a weekday in September.  We completely failed to organise our September trip this year and decided to risk a weekend visit in October figuring it wouldn’t be too busy this early in the month.  We were wrong.  It was awful: huge crowds, long lines, and nothing ‘free’ on offer to keep the kids amused while we waited for train/pony/hay rides.  By the time we left around lunch the wait for the three-minute train ride was an hour. Seriously.  My advice is to give Lemos Farm a miss in October unless you can get there first thing on a weekday morning…….

The kids did look cute checking out the pumpkins though.